Imperfect pictures to commemorate an ordinary day, start to end.

I can’t imagine not remembering these days with Esme while she’s little. I’m sure I’ll remember the big stuff…her favorite lunches (macaroni and cheese, hold the veggies) and afternoons at the park looking for pinecones, but I doubt I’ll be able to recall exactly how intense her bed head is and the little games she likes to play every single day. So I wanted to capture a day, start to end, to try to document how this time in our life really is. Imperfect pictures to commemorate an ordinary day.

Thursday, April 12, 2012:

It doesn’t happen every day, but regularly enough to be luxurious. It’s 7:30am, the sun is shining through the bedroom windows, and Esme just started singing on the baby monitor. “Row row row your bo down the street Mary mary mary mary I is butter dream.” And repeat.

We talk for a few minutes in her room, look out the window and theorize how the day’s weather will be, then gather up everyone (Hershey, Mickey, Minnie, and owl blanket) and head downstairs. She promptly takes care of tucking in her stuffed animals while I open all the curtains and throw away all the candy wrappers from the evening before. (If we’re being completely honest here.)

I grab some juice for her, coffee for me, and we watch some Max & Ruby, an old Mickey Mouse cartoon, whatever DVD we’ve borrowed from the library that week.

I ask her what she wants to wear, to which she replies “No!” and runs away.

“Here you go Mommy” as she jogs torward me, coffee swaying in her hands.

A little breakfast…

…and we get dressed and head outside. (“Getting dressed” means her choosing purple princess dress or pink princess dress.) We walk the yard and check on all of our flowers.

One of her favorite things to do is look for bugs, and her dad has shown her all the best places to look and how to pick them up so we don’t hurt them.

She picks a few of her favorite flowers – dandelions – and we head back inside.

She likes to arrange everyone so she can talk to all of them at once. Cheese and lemons for all!

Then we head upstairs. She likes to alternate between jumping on our bed and pretending to take a nap in it. While she’s doing that, I get a bunch of laundry started or some other housework. (Are you reading this Jason?)

Lunchtime. Grilled cheese & tomato with strawberries and chocolate milk.

We head upstairs for her nap. She swears she’s not sleepy but somehow can’t stop rubbing her eyes and clinging to Hershey.

I spend her naptime working on photos if I have any current projects. Not on this day, so I overwater the plants, gather up some more laundry, and fit in some online training for how to run a more profitable business (what?).

Two hours pass and she’s up, and not in a singing mood…

But! A package has arrived. Oh happy day.

New clothes, dress-up hats, etc, but she mostly cares that the popcorn is “just for Esme.”

While we’re playing with food coloring, vinegar, and baking soda to make multi-colored fizz (thanks Pinterest), dark clouds come in and it’s starts pouring. I light some candles and enjoy the coziness. She begs to go out and splash in the puddles. So we go out and splash in the puddles.

I try to be careful of how shrill my voice can turn when I see her tracking mud throughout the entire house. (So very shrill.)

And just like that, Daddy’s home. Most days it’s her sprinting, squealing towards the door to see him.

We eat dinner, relax, she tries on her new bug outfit that my mom made her, and then it’s bathtime.

They watch some Transformers while I try to clean up a bit, then it’s time for bed. “Daddy takes me to bedtime” is what I get on this day.

And that’s it. It’s 7:15pm and she’s asleep.

She’ll tell me tomorrow that she dreamed about giraffes but that they weren’t as nice as they should have been, and that she needs to go outside to check on her flowers and bugs.